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Guitar Lessons Bournemouth

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Starting any new venture can be daunting but it needn’t be. I teach from my home close to Meyrick Park, Bournemouth. There is parking and lessons are available daytime and early evenings.

Lessons are on an individual basis and for one hour, usually weekly. I tend to follow the school term timetable so there are lots of natural breaks throughout the year. Generally I tend to work in 5 week episodes. Most pupils tend to carry on longer as they enjoy the sessions and learn to play pieces quite quickly.

Each lesson includes learning to read music which isn’t as difficult as many imagine but we take things at a pace suited to the individual students needs and capabilities.

Within a very short time (usually 3-5 weeks) you will be playing some basic melodies and more importantly you will be playing them with a sound technique which will help you develop further if you wish to do so.

The idea is to enjoy your learning experience and to feel good about what you can achieve with the guitar and making music.